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Born in Brazil, I came to the United States in 1988 and became a Citizen of this great country in 1997. Pursuing the American dream, I started a Cleaning Business in 1999 and it has been growing strong ever since...

I have been beautifying homes during all this time and my team and I work with several Businesses as well. Cileia's Cleaning began in the Keene, NH area and has grown substantially there, now we are excited about our current expansion into the Newfound Lake Region of NH.

We are fully insured.

I have a great reputation in the area and I personally train and oversee all the members of my team.

We take pride at what we do.

Great references!

Please call me me for a free estimate if you are interested in my services!

Cileia Vieira
Cileia Vieira
Home Beautifier
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Responsible, reliable, very honest and hard working person.


"Hello Cileia,

I wanted to thank you again for the amazing work you did at our cottage. We were extremely happy to show up to find everything from top to bottom to be incredibly clean. We didn't know our place could look so great! The hard work showed in every room and it was clear to see that you take exceptional pride in what you do. Thank you! " Bill Johnson

"9/4/2014 – Mary, in Bristol NH – We were extremely satisfied with Cileia's Cleaning service – very thorough, conscientious, pleasant individual, and professional. We would definitely recommend Cileia to others for their house cleaning needs and will continue to use her i n the future!" "I have never in my life seen anyone clean as completely and thoroughly as Cileia. Every corner was cleaned, every knickknack dusted, every cobweb removed. I have a very large, old house and it was absolutely shining when she was finished. I couldn't give a more glowing review!" Resa, in Wentworth, NH

I just wanted to tell you that after living in our post-Cileia-cleaned house for 24 hours I really appreciate your work. Subtly everything feels clean. No detail overlooked. And nothing out of place to suggest you'd even been here. Good work! Many thanks. Look forward to your next visit." David Reed, Bridgewater, NH

"Subject: My angel

I cannot say enough about Cileia and her services. Having a long commute, there was no time to clean our home. Cileia came in, took care of the situation and got it done. When I came home on that first time she did, I was in awe. I started crying because such a big weight was suddenly lifted from my shoulders. She thought of things that I wasn’t aware that needed cleaning. I also told her that we had allergies and she used the appropriate products for us. She is a godsend, truly. I would whole heartedly recommend her for any job. She takes pride in her work and feels passionate about it." Tamara, Danbury NH

"Subject: Accolades for Cileia!!!!

We had the good fortune to connect with Cileia seven years ago based on high praise for her housecleaning skills from the previous owners of our house. She works miracles on our home with all her diligent efforts and attention to details. It is a delight to see every room sparkling clean, uncluttered, and smelling so fragrant. Cileia always arrives on time bursting with energy and goodwill. My whole family, including our dog, has become so fond of her as a person, but we also appreciate her discretion and professionalism. Kudos for Cileia!!!" Gail Wrigley, Keene NH

-"Subject: Thank you!!

Thank you, thank you, Cileia! I cannot express enough my gratitude for such a great job on the cottage at the lake! The kitchen floor looks brand-new! With the stress of the upcoming wedding, it was such a gift to have you come and take care of everything I cannot seem to find time for……thank you so very much…..I appreciate, more than you know, all that you did for me! I do hope you can find time for me in your October schedule for my house in Troy…….the week of October 17th is good for me, except that Wednesday. Please let me know when you can fit me in…..thanks again!" Karen Hanrahan

-"Fellow mom's take note!! Imagine this… You come home to a home that greets you with immaculate floors, sparkling surfaces, and a clean, fresh smell. As women…wives and mothers… we are so used to taking care of everyone around us. When Cileia comes, I come home and feel such gratitude. She works hard, is always timely, very trustworthy, has a warm spirit that pours through her, and leaves no corner, no surface, no space unclean!! Cileia comes in and takes care of the cleaning tasks so that I can pay more attention to the other parts that make a house a home. The old feeling of being overwhelmed with tasks is melting away. My husband is thrilled that the house is so clean, and overjoyed to have a happier, less stressed out wife. It is worth every penny for our family. Thank you Cileia… We are so grateful to you!!!" Amy Robertshaw – Keene

"She is a miracle worker!" Mary Jo Vaine, DC

"I have many good things to say about Cileia, mostly she is a good honest HARD worker. I always look forward to cleaning day, the house smells so good when she has done her magic". Happy client Nancy

"Your cleaning services have been excellent, Cileia! We are so happy to have found someone like you who does such a great job for us. We have traffic constantly through our building and ALL client comments have been so positive about our building's appearance! Thank you for all you do!!" Karen, Red Cross in Keene

_"Hello, Cileia,
First of all, thank you very much for the wonderful job you did with the cottage…it looks so beautiful! I think you'll be getting many calls, just from my telling all of our friends around here about you. You are a fabulous cleaner, with a sunny smile, as well… We appreciate you!" Nina

- "Cileia, is a very careful cleaner. I have many fine things in my home and she knows how to dust and be efficient with her time. I am truly grateful." Molly Symons

- "Good Morning, Cileia! The carpets look great! Job well done!" Amanda, People's Bank, Chesterfield

- "Cileia,
We are so thankful to have someone here who does a great job keeping the building clean for us! These flowers are for you! Thank you for a job well done, we appreciate it!" Region 4 Fish and Game stuff

- "Hi, Cileia,
You did a great job on the carpet. I know it's pretty beat and worn, but they look a whole lot better. Thank you so much!" Pat, Region 4 Fish and game

- "Cileia, I have been asked to mention to you how pleased the staff is with the job you are doing for us! Thanks you so much." Joanne, Red Cross in Keene

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